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May 20, 2006:
Gwen came over and we made a website.
March 2, 2006:
There are a bunch of pictures up in the craft sections now.
November 4, 2005:
More updates to the craft section and I'm starting a sourceforge project. It's going to be a web app that helps you design the kind of friendship braclets I liked to make at camp. Braclet Design
September 23, 2005:
This is a really cool program that lets you view the night sky. It helps me find stars and constellations, plus it's free. :) I can't wait for the Serenity movie!
August 08, 2005:
I've been real busy knitting and cross stitching so there are some updates in the craft section.
July 22, 2005:
I want to complete my collection of Harry Potter Chocolate Frog cards. Please email me if you want to trade.
June 23, 2005:
I thought a 'space western' tv show would be stupid... but Firefly is amazing. You really just need to watch one episode to get hooked and now I can't wait for the movie to come out this fall! Join the Browncoats! and earn credits to get a real tee-shirt!
March 9, 2005:
I got bored of playing fall of nations. I also got bored of pink and chnaged the style sheet to something less dramatic. I made a few variables and used a few include statments so that the layout of the page is only written once, and I can change it by just changing one file. Here is the everything before 'Welcome to' in this file:
$page_title = "Home";
$styles = array("style.css");
$icon_file = "/jedi_gurl_icon";
$heading = "";
$menu_file = "main_bar.html";
$side_file = "date_bar.php";
include 'templete_header.php';
Feburary 3, 2005:
The pictures link has a cool gallery attached to it now. I still want to embed it in the website.
January 10, 2005:
New content up under Crafts->Woodworking. I also fixed all the pages so a trailing slash is optional.
January 4, 2005:
Some content up on the Friends page. Check it out and let me know if you want to be added. Also, moved the buttons to a new page: Obsessions. :) I finished the navagation bar.
January 3, 2005:
"We utilize the LAMP technologies here at - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP." Hehehe, thanks Ian! Also, I got DNS working properly with a little .htaccess file. Now I'm working on the navigation menu. I also need to get * email working again. Once I do, feel free to email me if you want a email address :)
January 2, 2005:
My friend Fred gave me some space to host my site. Yeay! I am going through and making sure all the links are still working. And also trying to get to point to my page.
July 26:
I gave titles to all the pages.
July 24:
Today I added navagation menus to all the pages up so far. The links are a bad color, so it's hard to see on some of them. I also created the star wars galaxies page. It will have plenty of content soon because I am recently obsessed with the game. I will hold off on the screen shots though. My graphics card makes everything look funny.
July 23:
I added the time stamp and the bit of navagation and changed the name of this file to index instead of temp!
Friday, July 19 12:42:50 am EDT
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