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Free Patterns

Wizard Scarf

Child sized scarf similar to the one worn by Harry Potter.
By Jessica Sewell

This scarf is knit in a long tube, then flattened out and the ends closed up with fringe. It will be about 5.5" wide and 54" long(without fringe).

These directions are for knitting it in the round. If you haven't done that before, give it a try. It's really easier then it looks. But if you like, you can knit it flat in stockinette stitch (knit across the row and purl back for the next row) and sew the long side together when you are done to form the tube.

Yarn: Any worsted weight. My favorite is Simply Soft by Caron because it is so soft next to your face, completely washable, and doesn't bother people sensitive to wool. (Red Heart Soft is good too)
You should need about 4 oz of each color.
1 red and 1 gold colored skein for Gryffindor.
blue and silver(or bronze) for Ravenclaw
black and yellow for Hufflepuff
Green and silver for Slytherin

Needles: size 8US (5.0mm or size 6UK)
I like to use 16 inch circular

Gauge: about 4 st per inch

  1. Cast on 50 st with red.
  2. Start knitting on the first stitch you cast on to form a loop. Make sure your stitches are not twisted.
  3. Knit until you have 16 rows of red.
  4. Switch to gold and knit for 16 rows.
  5. Continue making red and gold stripes until you have a total of 19 stripes: 10 red and 9 gold.
  6. Bind off. Attach fringe to each end to close off the tube. Alternate red and gold fringe bundles.
To make fringe:
  1. Wrap some yarn around a hard cover book about 20 times.
  2. Slide the loops off the book and cut through all lengths of yarn on one side. You should now have about 20 pieces of yarn all the same length.
  3. Take 4 or 5 strands and fold them all in half together.
  4. Using nimble fingers or a crochet hook, push the folded side of the strands through the fabric of your scarf, about 1 row up from the end.
  5. Tuck the loose ends of the strands through the loop you just pushed through the scarf. Pull the ends firmly to tighten up the loop and create a tassel.